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Dee Dee - Interview -

Dee Dee – 2013 Interview


maXdance: Firstly, thank you Dee Dee for taking the time to catch up with us!
Dee Dee: Oh There’s no need to say thanks at all! Thank you for the support I get from you guys! Great to see all my singles are on the maXdance playlist! Hehe

maXdance: What or who motivated you to become a singer and musician?
Dee Dee: Well actually, my father was and still is a Dj, so I basically grew up with music. At the age of 4 I remember singing to Madonna in my basement all the time, dreaming that one day I would become a singer too! At school I started writing poems and soon they became lyrics, I write everything down what inspires me to write songs including the things I go through in my own life!

maXdance: Did you expect “Forever” to become the huge chart hit that it did back in 2002 or was it a surprise, how did you feel?
Dee Dee: No, not at all! That was a real big surprise! When I heard it was signed by Incentive (which was a big label at that time in the UK), and entered into the UK top 20 chart I was completely in shock! Because of the high chart position, I had the chance to do a big UK tour which I really loved, and the main event was BBC’s Top Of The Pops! I couldn’t believe I stood on a stage where once Michael Jackson or The Beatles have stood! “Forever” was signed and hit the charts in like 36 countries altogether including Holland, Denmark, Germany, USA, Australia etc.. This was more than a dream coming true! As I look back on it now, I really lived another life back then. Sometimes I still can’t believe it, but I’m very grateful in every way!

maXdance: We know since the second single “The One”, you no longer released anything until recently, how come? (excluding a French version of “Forever” released in 2003)
Dee Dee: Well, how come?… Only thing I can say is that due to internal problems between Ian Van Dahl/Lasgo producers and management at that time, and with the Dee Dee producers (Christophe and Erik) leaving the company I couldn’t release any other Dee Dee songs. Everything was going so well, I mean, there was a full album supposed to be released, so I had to make a choice. Change the name and release or wait and leave to be with Chris and Erik again and release new Dee Dee stuff and that’s what I did! I don’t believe in projects that change name’s and front singers because I think people have a certain loyalty, and also in music. I mean, if tomorrow Madonna changed her name, that wouldn’t be the same either. Now, I have to say that I don’t regret being so long off track with Dee Dee, it gave me the opportunity to become an adult with a lot of knowhow and that what I can use now! I am more ready and stronger than ever since 2009 to get Dee Dee back on track!

maXdance: If you could collaborate with anyone on a song, who would be at the top of your list?
Dee Dee: Mmm… let me think… If I have to choose a woman, that definitely would be Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Britney Spears at the moment! Love them so much! As for a guy.. I dream about a duet with Enrique Iglesias as I love his songs so much!! Lol

maXdance: What are some of your favourite cities to perform in?
Dee Dee: It’s not to flatter, but my number 1 place was and still is the UK! U guys ROCK in every way!! I mean, I have spend so many day’s touring here, going from London to Liverpool to Bath and it has been amazing! The crowd, and especially the one’s in Scotland, are so great that I would come back immediately if they ask me to! Other places I really liked was a performance I did in Israel ‘s Tel Aviv, I will never ever to forget that! And in USA Miami, Orlando and off course all the cities in Germany!

maXdance: What other artists inspire you now or what artists have inspired you in the past?
Dee Dee: As I said before, Madonna inspired me when I was younger also Celine Dion, Laura Pausini etc… as for now I adore all the songs from Rihanna and I am a big fan of Lady gaga! She’s amazing, has such a great voice and is so talented writing these beautiful songs! Main thing I love about her is that she is so passionate about music, just like me!

maXdance: We know you have some new collaboration singles out on iTunes (“Give Me A Sign” with De-Liver & “The Chosen” with Kimura), can you tell us of anything new coming in 2013?
Dee Dee: Well, my year started off good with those 2 singles being released but still coming up is a variety of dance music collaborations all over the world! We have a song coming up in the UK with the guys from Pinch & Dash! “Show Me Love” it’s such a great tune! Shamrock from T-spoon and I wrote that one together! Coming up for Germany is a hands up song with Dan Winter (From Cascada) and it’s called “Yahmondana” written by Shamrock and Ttoo.. . Spanish Dj/Producer Marsall Ventura is releasing a record I wrote too, It’s called “See The Light” and it’s a beautiful trance/ dance song. All the Hard style lovers will be very happy to cause there is a song coming up with Silver Nikan and Chris Van Dutch! It’s called “It’s My Life “ and I wrote that one too. And last but not least, a legendary song that’s coming up! A trance song with Cold Rush. They’re the guys who did a remix for the Kimura feat Dee Dee song “The chosen”, this one‘s going to be a first time ever duet in trance! Together with Drew Darcy we wrote it and it’s Epic!

maXdance: Every Dee Dee fan is probably asking “when will we have a new Dee Dee video?” since the last video was for “The One” all those years back, any plans for new videos?
Dee Dee: Haha! Yeah I know that! We did a video like 3 years ago for “Will I be free” with Roni Meller, but I don’t know exactly what went wrong and why it never got released! Too bad actually, cause it would have been a nice video though as it was recorded in Switzerland! Now we will see. With all the new songs coming up there will be definitely be 1 or 2 video’s, don’t know which one yet!

maXdance: Although is only a small (internet only) radio station in the UK with a fast growing fan-base, what do you think about us and what we do?
Dee Dee: What do I think about you guys?? Well u guys are great! I really love listening to maXdance when I am at home. U guys play like the best dance music in the world! Plus I love the request options! I think maXdance should go on air, not just internet, really!!!

maXdance: Dee Dee, do you have a message for our readers and listeners?
Dee Dee: Well, the message I have is that I want to thank, all you beautiful people out there, and all my fans who support me from day 1! I know you guys have been waiting so long for my new music to come up, and I hope you guys really love all my new work! Keep listening to maXdance cause they play all the Dee Dee song in Preview off course! I love you all!

maXdance: Dee Dee, thanks for taking the time for this interview, we wish you all the best and hope we can catch up again in the near future!
Dee Dee: You’re welcome, Thank you too and we surely will do! xxx

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