Wi-Fi Radios

maXdance, on your internet radio!

So, you may not have your computer on all the time, or you may be working in another room but you may still want blast maXdance out, well we have a solution for you…


maXdance is available on Wi-Fi internet radios. If you do have an internet radio (also known as wireless network radio or wi-fi radio) you can listen to maXdance anywhere in your home or in the garden (if you have a good wireless signal).

These radios do not tune in like the old FM radios do, these internet radios use a directory like RECIVA RADIO. Simply browse and select station, it is really that easy, if for some reason you can;t find maXdance listed, contact us and let us know what model radio you are using and we will investigate!

So if you do not have a Wi-Fi radio here is where you can get one from: ARGOS PLAY.COM, AMAZON, CURRYS, and we can’t forget EBAY!

Reciva Radio Directory HERE