maXdance is supported by listener donations alongside some small advertising revenue only, we make NO PROFIT from running this internet radio station, we are here only to bring you the best in dance music, support fantastic artists and bring the party mood to as many people as possible, we are NOT in this for profits of any kind, however WE DO NEED YOUR SUPPORT to keep running this station, to grow and look at other ways we can expand to offer a better listening experience to you, the music fans!.

We can’t stress to you how important your donations are, we really do need them to help us, nothing in this world is free and it takes a lot of time to make this radio station work, and of course you have service (operating) costs and equipment costs, as you can imagine this is not cheap, with consumer bills going up the cost of running a 24/7 radio station goes up. So we ask that you please donate to help support us, with your support we will continue to do the best we can for you, our listeners, so that you enjoy listening to us even more! YOU CAN DONATE ANY AMOUNT YOU WISH!

Please Help, Thank You!