The Guru Project (2011)

The Guru Project - Interview -

The Guru Project – 2011 Interview


maXdance: First I want to ask you, why are there different names, “Guru Josh Project” and now “The Guru Project”?
Darren Bailie: We would like to make a note to set the record straight and clear up any confusion…… we are the Guru Project! the members include Darren Bailie and Anders Nyman who were once part of the now disbanded pop dance group “Guru Josh Project” we are not, have never been nor ever claimed to be “Guru Josh aka Paul Walden” we are however moving forward as “Guru Project” for future pop dance music, this is totally separate from “Guru Josh” Guru Josh still releases music and gigs worldwide by himself, so please do not confuse the two separate music acts.

maXdance: Were you a producer first or a DJ first?
Darren Bailie: Dj, started to scratch etc at the age of 16 the progressed into mixing and onto production.

maXdance: Everyone remembers the anthem “Infinity 2008” under the “Guru Josh Project” name, did you expect it to be as successful as it turned out to be?
Darren Bailie: No the original idea i had was just for it to be a really cool lector dance track, can’t believe how it exploded… no complaints though 🙂

maXdance: What are some of your favourite cities to perform in?
Darren Bailie: Berlin NYE was huge 1,000,000 people live at the event, really one million. Puerto Rico was awesome, actually anywhere in South America is good.

maXdance: What are some of your favourite clubs?
Darren Bailie: Cocoon in Frankfurt is at the top, i don’t play so many clubs, more events… the best in the world for me is “Big City Beats” Germany, totally awesome…. always between 5 & 7 thousand party people with an awesome house vibe… love it!!!!!

maXdance: Your latest single is “This Is The Night”, tell us a little about this track.
Darren Bailie: Its a track Anders Nyman my music partner did for himself with Steve Noble, he could not get any interest in the track, i took it from him added a sax and a few phatt mixes then the labels snapped it up.

maXdance: Will there be a Guru Project album sometime in the future?
Darren Bailie: For sure, work in progress.

maXdance: Although is only a small (internet only) radio station in the UK with an ever growing fan-base, what do you guys think about us and what we do?
Darren Bailie: Man.. keep doing what you do, size is not important… its all about dam good music 🙂

maXdance: Guys, you always keep us dancing, thanks for your time and your music, do you have a message for our readers and listeners?
Darren Bailie: Thanks for the support over the last 3 years, keep your ears open for our future releases and album… oh also look out for these new guys calling themselves the “House Donkeys” i don’t know much about them but we’ve just remixed a couple of their tracks…. huge sound, lookout they will be massive.

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